Friday, 5 April 2019

Student Summit

Just today we went to student summit at South Hornby school. It was pretty cool and I had a lot of fun. Here is a video that I made on biteable (Biteable is one of the many things that I learned at Student Summit).

Tuesday, 2 April 2019



My Poem:

I wake up in the morning, The world is black and white,
the trees and the grass, it gives me a fright,
walking around thinking what to do,
I decide to call friends, and think this through,
I quickly have breakfast and wonder around,
 to check if anything else is upside down,
surely enough there's nothing to be scared about,
just thinking and thinking, about the colors where-abouts.

Imagine waking up to a world that is black and white, what colors would you miss? Here are the colors that I would probably miss and why I would miss them.

I would miss all of the colors.


  • Because the green color of the trees really suit them.
  • If everything was black and white and grey, the sky would be a boring old grey color.
  • It would be boring (Well, not if I never even knew colors exist, which I do).
  • Rainbows would just be a dull grey and black color, instead of it's many colors.

I have asked a family member and here is her response: 

Green, Blue and Brown.


She has chosen all of those colors because they are all earthly colors, like green, which is the color of trees, plants, grass and many many more. Blue because it is (Sort of) the color of the sky, and most people would describe the ocean as blue. Also brown because it is the color of the earth (Soil/Dirt/Mud). Brown also because it is the color of her skin, and she can't imagine having paper white skin.

What would YOU choose?

Monday, 25 March 2019

What Materials?

What three materials would you chose if you were one of the three little pigs? Well, today I am going to ask myself that question and answer it on this blog.


  • Metal
Related image
  • Steel
Image result for Steel
  • Limestone
Image result for limestone

Why? I picked Metal because It is a strong sturdy material, and the wolf definitely won't be able to blow it down. I picked Steel because same as Metal, Steel is a strong material and would be able to hold of a few blows. Last but not least, Limestone Because it is very strong, I have done some research and this is what I got:

Limestone is a type of rock that is basically made up of bits of animal shells, And for over thousands of years they keep collecting on the seafloor. And when these things are burnt, they result in Lime Stone. Please correct me in the comments below if I have gotten something wrong, or would like to add on some information.

My School Goes in LOCKDOWN (I'm sure yours did too on friday the 15th)

I guess all you Christchurch students know that we went in lock down, because of the Tragedy that happened on Friday the 15th of march (You also know about it because of My amazing title😉).
Anyway, that night was so fun when we went into lock down! (Well, that was before I found out about the news) My Class Mates and I got to sit under the desks and play on our computers, and once the internet went out, we got to eat some carb and watch despicable me 2, but we had to crawl around in order to get to places. Here are some photos (Below) of us. What did you do in lock down? (If you went into lock down). I also made a short animation that you can watch. Thanks For reading.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Dot Plots and Frequency tables

 So the other day I learned how to do Dot Plots and Frequency Tables, so I am going to show you my work on it. I am proud of it because I managed to figure out what they are pretty quickly and do quite a lot of work, if you think this isn't a lot remember that we are talking about me.  Please correct me if I got it wrong in the comment section.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Our Tin Foil Sculptures

In Rimu on Tuesdays the Year Seven and Eights normally go to this thing that we call manual. So that means that we get to do something different while they are gone (It also means that my sister won't be around). 

So we are currently making Sculptures like Alberto Giacometti, The only difference is that his ones are made out of metal.

 I had a lot of fun because this was my first time making a sculpture. Here are some photos and I hope that you enjoy them. What Do You KNow about Alberto Giacometti.


Monday, 11 March 2019

How Many ways are there that you can make the number 25?

Hello again bloggers! Today I am displaying my home learning on a google slide. Today I picked to do this activity for my Home Learning, So i picked this one. It is where I have to make the number 25 in as many ways as I can. I felt good when I was given this task because I feel that I am good at math. Please leave a comment on this post!