Friday, 9 November 2018


We went sailing for a class trip last friday. The next day for writing we
had to do make recount on what we did, here is my recount. I hope that you
like it and make sure that you leave a comment!

Last week on friday, we as a class went sailing at lake Rua. When we got there our
instructors taught us how to to “ Rig “ The boat. fIrst we had to learn the names of all
the parts The Bomb, the Rudder, the tiller, the hiking stick, the sail, the center board and
the spirit. Afterwards we learnt how to put them together, it was tricky trying to remember
all the things to do, so the instructors somehow read my mind and decided it was easier
to learn bit by bit.

Firstly we had to put the sail into its place. Afterwards we had to connect the bomb
to the sail, then they taught us how to tie a knot on the mast so that it doesn’t just slip
through the pulleys. We learnt a whole lot in only a few minutes, and we weren’t even
done yet!

When we finally got to actually get into the water so that we could sail, I found out
that we could only have three boats at a time, I was sad because I had to wait a
super long time, but When it was finally my turn to sail, I had the time of my life! It
was nice and windy when I took off, and the sun was so unbelievingly hot that day
That I felt like I was in a microwave!

Straight after everyone had a go at sailing we had lunch, I had two
croissants with lettuce, ham and cheese in my lunch, It was delicious.
It wasn’t the end of the sailing trip just yet though, we still had a little play around,
luckily for us, we bought a few bouncy balls a cricket set, tennis balls and some
ping pong rackets. I played cricket for a while but then I changed and played a game
that my friends made up, It’s like tennis and volleyball combined.

Once our little play was over we went sailing again, but this time we were
allowed to have six boats at a time on the water! My friend Thom had  two turns
on his boat, I had 10 goes and my friend Zack had 17 goes on his boat altogether!
That's more than eight times the amount Thom had! After sailing we took our boats
a part and than drove back to school, I had two whole seats to myself!

We got to school at around 2:45 and we were allowed to play in the playground until
it was  time to go home.

Friday, 2 November 2018


We have been working on recounts for the past week or two and I wrote about athletics Day.
We had athletics so I
decided to write about it for my recount. I hope that you like it
and make sure that you leave a comment!

Athletics Day

On Friday we had athletics day, there was a range of sports we did, like Shot Put,
Discus, Sprints, high Jump and more. My favourite was sprints, discus and high Jump.

Firstly we ( The year five boys, we were doing it in age groups ) Did long Jump,
First in line was Corbin, he got around 2 meters, we had to get to three meters in
order to make it to Zones, After him it was my turn I jumped 2 meters and 96 cm,
In other words I was 4 cm close, the closest yet! But it was only a matter of time when
someone beat me, His name is Zack, he Jumped 2 meters and 98 cm! 2 cm in front of
me! Now I was in second place now, but then zack was Beaten! My friend Alize beat him
and got 3m and 16 cm! He is now able to go to Zones. I wasn’t really surprised, because Alize
is quite an athlete!

Next it was Discus, as I already mentioned it is one of my favourites, Again it was Corbin first,
he threw 5m, Unfortunately we weren’t old enough to go to Zones for this one, anyway. The
running Discus put us in an order that we were to stay in until relays, again Corbin was first, then
some other kids until it was finally me, I threw about 7.03m, which was the furthest, but Alize beat
me once again by about 2 meters! I was stunned! Soon enough we headed off to Shot put, then sprints.

I absolutely love sprints, Last time I came second in the 50 meter sprints and first in 80 meter
sprints. Mrs Walters ( Our instructor ) Put us in three rows, this was because she was timing
us to see if we could make it to Zones or not, and because it would be easier to remember three
times at ones instead of 9. First it was Jonathon Eamon and Corbin on the fifty meter, then me,
Rhys and Louis, I came first, Louis came second and Rhys came last. Then Alize, Thom and Toby ran, and then we started again, Jonathon Eamon and Corbin, then me Rhys and Louis excetra, everything went the same except for one thing, we ran 80 meters, last but not least we ran 100 meters, I came first out of everyone and maybe qualified for Zones.

Then it was lunch time and afterwords, relays.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

The Jungle

Last Term I made my own story for writing ( well, everyone did ) and I call it the Jungle ( as you can see above ). I put it onto A website called a flipsnack and it turned it into a flipbook, the flip book is above and in order to turn the page you click the arrow. Make sure that you leave a comment!

Friday, 26 October 2018

It's Raining Tacos!

For my Free writing This week I couldn't think of what to write about, so I just made a poem called " It's Raining Tacos ". I hope you like it and make sure that you leave a comment or follow!

It's Raining Tacos

It’s Raining Tacos everywhere
all sorts of toppings in my hair
I can’t decide which one to eat
My tummy’s full, oh what a treat
I Jump around with delight
I really want another bite
It’s time for dessert, oh I can’t wait I go to the kitchen and get a plate

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

My Holidays

In the Holidays I went to Hoyts Cinema to watch Small foot. My Mum gave me and My sister Jedi ( Make sure that you check her blog out too ) Some money so that we could go to Pack'n'Save and buy some things before we went to the movies, I got A drink, Chewing Gum and some Liquorice. Anyway, back to the movie, I like it because it was really funny. I would definitely recommend this for whoever reads this post. They thought that the stones protected them, so they wrote down all these silly things onto the stones that they thought was true, For example, they thought that they fell out of the " Sky Yacks " Butt and when they found out that most of the stones weren't true, then they asked If they did really fall out of the sky yacks butt, and the chief said no, So they replied " But then who's butt did we fall out of!? "

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Thursday, 27 September 2018

My Diorama

In Rimu we have been reading this book Called refugee. We were given a set of activities and I chose to do a Diorama with my friends Jonathon And Louis, This Diorama had to be based on something in the book. In the book currently, a taxi came and picked up Mahmoud ( One of the 3 main Characters ) and promised that he would take them to a country where there is no war, but instead, he stopped in the middle of nowhere, got out of the car pointed a pistol at them and demanded for 300 euros ( Which is 529.7 NZ Dollars  ), and even after they gave it he got in the car and just drove away. So I and my friends decided to do a Diorama on that. I hope that you like it, and make sure that you leave a comment!

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

My Flip - Book


In Rimu, We have been using this website called Flipsnack. You can make a Flipbook with at and that is exactly what I did. I call it the Jungle, and I you are lucky because I am going to show you right here right now. And by the way, make sure that you leave a comment. Thanks and hope that you enjoy!

P.S. Don't click edit and Don't edit What I have just done. OK?