Friday, 21 September 2018

My Recycling Concept Map

This week we have have been doing an inquiry. We all got to chose our own topic but it had to be a topic we didn't know much about. I chose Carbon ( Which is coal ) and here Is a Concept map that I made, Thanks!

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The Super Rugby Cup

Today At Assembly, One of the super rugby sponsors came to our school. And Guess what she brought with her?... The SUPER RUGBY CUP!!!! I got to get a photo while holding it and I learnt that it Is pretty Heavy ( I mean heavier than you expect, I'm not saying " I'm Weak " ). here Is my photo.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018


This week we were split into 6 groups for our inquiry learning. Each group was given a topic and my group was on recycling. We had to write down some facts and tips on how to recycle, Then we got to choose if we wanted to move into pairs ( But your pair had to be someone from your group ). So I paired with my friend Alize. Here is my concept map/ brainstorm that I made on recycling. Thank you for reading!

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Friday, 7 September 2018

My 10 minute writing test

This week we did a 10-minute writing challenge and we were given 2 topics. The first one was about " How did this man get stuck in the wall? " ( Don't worry, It isn't a real Man, it is just a statue ) and the second topic was about " if a Shoe could talk, what would it say? " and we had to make a diary entry.
There is a picture of the statue just below the writing. Hope that you like it!

P.S. My writing is under the picture, Just so that you know : )
I think that he was a Tar statue robber, here is my story to explain why I think that:

It was a hot day in China, everyone was outside, everyone except for Noah. Noah was a
statue, a statue made of tar. He would just stand there, waiting for a bird, for something to come and keep him company. He obviously couldn’t move, Well, that was
until today. The sun was so hot it melted him off his stone, he could move
through objects and burn objects. He took advantage of what had happened,
but not in a good way. He went, stealing and burning houses and its furniture,
there had to be something done. The people are in the village devised a plan to
stop this monstrosity once and for all, they tried all sorts including, nets and water, but
it didn’t work. The people just ran out of ideas when a wise old man came in, he said to just wait
for the afternoon and for the sun to go down. So they did. The statue tried to run through a wall, but
the wind picked up and he froze in the wall, the great wall of China.

The End
Image result for statue stuck in wall

Dear diary,

I am brand new and as soon as my human got me he flattened me! He also through
me in a puddle,
And something that I would rather not talk about.
I wonder What I did to him that made him so mad at me, and worst of all,
he acts like he doesn’t even notice me! I just wish I could go on holiday,
relax in the sun and all that, but instead, here I am giving all my time up in
the word for my ungrateful overweight owner! I wish that I could talk like him
to express myself, but sadly, I can’t. No offence, but I can’t imagine you to
understand, because you are a book sort of thing, he writes in you and
appreciates you, Unlike me. Sometimes I get bitten and wet my his
pet dog, Cat, once Cat even took a big chunk out of my tongue! For my
human that sounds really yucky because he has an actual tongue, while I
have only a fake one to keep him comfortable. Help Me!!!!!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Maths Investigation

This week for maths my maths group and I have been doing the " Investigation ". We had to find out how many red squares can fit in a 4x4 square without it being three in a row. This is the maths slide and my one is on the top ( so that you don't have to scroll down, well unless you want to see the other peoples work too ). Hope that you like it and make sure to leave a comment! Thanks : )

P.S. I added something on the bald eagle slide ( in other words, make sure that you check it out! )

Friday, 31 August 2018

Qwik Qure 31/8/18

This week My maths group and I did this for maths, Hope you like it and don't forget to leave a comment!

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Bald Eagle Reading Work

This week, my reading group have been learning about the Bald Eagle. I learnt that the Bald eagle sometimes eats foxes and even wolves! I also learned that as a Bald Eagle grows, their beak keeps curving and doesn't stop, So they occasionally have to " Chip " it until it turns back to normal. But they also have to make sure that their beak isn't too blunt, otherwise, they will have to wait till it grows back!
Also, when their wings are uneven, they pluck their feathers off the other wing to make sure that it is balanced. There are some more facts in the video somewhere in my slide, Don't forget to comment!