Friday, 6 July 2018

My reflection

1. What I am proud of this term: I am proud that I managed to actually finish my writing eastle.
I managed to get more than 250 ( I got about 286 or something )

2. What’s worked well: I think that Actually listening on the mat has worked well because
sometimes I normally don’t know what to do.

3. How have I shown my YMS hero Qualities? : I took part in the pack up this time.

4. Are there some things that haven’t gone well for me? : Probably being on the
wrong thing at the wrong time, for example I am always playing nitro type.

5. What challenged me and how did I work through the challenge? :  My challenge
was the eastle maths test, and I made it through because I tried my best

6. What will be my focus for next term:   It will Be to listen some more
and to be on the right thing at the right time
( Obviously, that means no more nitro type ) and not to talk to my friends
when it is time to be on the mat or even when I am doing my work because I
might get distracted and be behind the whole class ( I said that because it has
happened before, and if you don’t believe me then I am just
telling you that I have done it before  )

Friday, 29 June 2018

The Megalodon

 Megalodon sighted on
                        beach in Australia!

Tragedy in Australia as  Lifeguard, known as
Mike Kowalski thinks he has
Sighted a Megalodon, Police
have evacuated the waters
And it will not be opened until further notice.
Here is Mike now describing this deadly creature.

“ I saw It’s dorsal fin, So big that you could
have mistaken it for a curve shaped building,
It’s eyes were so Enormous that It was like
two black holes staring at me, getting ready to suck me

Into the water, And its tail Made such a big splash that It was like an
explosion smashing the water and almost drowning
a Toddler!” That was all Mr Kowalski Could saw
before he fainted and right now as
we speak he is being taken to the hospital.

Right now we have some police looking for
survivors from that astonishing Splash
Made by the Megalodon Shark. That
big splash alone somehow managed
To take 18 lives every single beach in australia
Has been closed until we know that it is safe to
Go again. This this moment Was described as a “Breath taking”
Time at G’day Mate Beach in Australia by Mike Kowalski
Just a few minutes before he Fainted and was taken to the hospital.
As we speak he is recovering from that sensational moment.
This historical time will be recorded in book called
“Amazing Creatures of the deep” which Mr Kowalski Is writing.

Friday, 22 June 2018

My acrostic poetry

This is my acrostic poetry that I did for free writing, please leave a comment.



Friday, 25 May 2018

The first hippo on the moon

Whe are having a hooked on books week. If you are wondering what a hooked on books week is, it is when everyday you get a new book and you start reading it, those books will go to your school library.

on wednesday we read the first hippo on the moon. We had to figure out what the name of the book was by doing this puzzle, as you read further you will see the link to the puzzle. This is my diagram of the rocket and over here is the link to the puzzle. Thank you!

Friday, 18 May 2018

   Today we had to make a DLO about our maths, me And My friend jonathon have been working on this slide. I hope you like it!

Friday, 11 May 2018

Rugby Boots

                   Rugby Shoes

46 students from yaldhurst model school were asked to trial a shoe for a month and report it afterwards. I chose a rugby boot from sfida.


What is Sfida ?   

Sfida is a shoe brand that you can find in many shops including:
Rebel Sports
Number one shoes
And so on.

What are rugby boots?

Rugby boots are shoes especially made  for rugby, Obviously.
There are parts at the bottom of the shoes called Studs. These are to help grip into the muddy grass.

If you look at the front of the boots you notice that it is  pointed more than normal shoes, this is so that when you kick the ball in a conversion, your boot can fit under the ball without touching the tee.

Price $

These boots can cost About $24 to $35
because of the expensive material.


The boot is covered in leather so that water may not enter the boot, Under the leather is a cotton material so that your feet don't sweat your feet don't stink when you take them out. On the soul of the shoe there is a nice soft pad so that your shoe gets a comfy fit. Under the boot are things poking out called "Studs". The studs are so that they can grip onto the muddy floor, You can get metal studs or plastic studs.